Key Questions

We work for you, Lenders work for themselves

Ask yourself these key questions

Has your lender ever contacted you to offer a better deal on your current loan?

Or does your lender only contact you to offer financial planning products, credit cards or ask for your savings?

Did you know that mortgage loans now have an average life of just 3-4 years and that competition has increasingly forced lenders to offer both more competitive interest rates and loan features?

Does your lender pro-actively update you on better loan options from their competitors ?

That would be would be in your best interests wouldn’t it? Is it in theirs?

Does your lender sit quietly in the background and monitor if there is a better product for you in the loan market?

Do you know exactly how much re-financing might save you?

Have you recently reviewed your health or car insurance but not your loan? … mmm … which is your biggest financial obligation and has the greatest impact on your budget?

Your current loan may have been a great deal when you got it but are you sure your loan isworking as hard for you as it could be?

Even worse, are you sure your home loan isn’t costing you money?

Do you want peace of mind knowing your loan is working as hard as it can for you?

Do you want free access to over 30 lenders and over a thousand products?

Do you have time to individually review the products of over 30 lenders and a thousand products?

Are you able to keep up with the continual changes?

Do you know the niche lenders that may suit you?

Is your time better spent by allowing someone who does it every day to do the research on your behalf?

Do established relationships with lenders mean a better deal for you?

Did you know rates advertised by lenders may not be their best?

Are you the right person to get lenders to compete for your loan and negotiate the rate?

Would it be more effective if someone with your best interests in mind who does it every day negotiates that?

Do you want to do the research, paperwork, running around and chasing up?

Really? When it can be done for free by someone who does it every day?

So here’s where we come in …

At The Mortgage Mall we:

  • work for you and put you first.
  • don’t work for one lender but have access to over 30 loan providers and over a thousand products.
  • endeavour to make lenders compete for your loan through us.
  • have 30 years of broad financial markets experience and an expertise in interest rates.
  • for a refinancing, analyse all the costs of establishing a new loan then transparently explain if we believe a refinancing is to your financial advantage in the long run.
  • offer a free service and the interest rate you pay isn’t higher because you use us.
  • try and delete the pain points including doing the paperwork and following your loan to completion.
  • will sit silently in the background and contact you if we think there is a better option or its time to review your loan. We won’t be in your face but he will have your back.
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In short we will put you first.

With access to over 30 lenders and a thousand products will listen closely and then guide you through the loan maze providing peace of mind by empowering you to make a final educated, informed decision on what is the best loan solution for you.

Get some peace of mind. Get in touch today.

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