Why Refinance a Home or Commercial Loan?

The reasons for refinancing are many and varied but often include you:

  • want to source a cheaper interest rate
  • feel your lender simply doesn’t provide a good service or look after your best interests
  • desire a more flexible loan with additional features
  • want to consolidate other debts into one new loan
  • need to free up funds for renovations or asset purchases like a car
  • want to access funds to purchase real estate or other income producing assets
  • have outgrown your current loan or your personal circumstances have changed
  • want to reduce fees and charges

Your current home loan might have been a great deal when you first got it, but the lending market has become increasingly competitive, rates have changed and lending products have evolved.

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Are you sure your home loan is working as hard for you as it could be?

Even worse, are you sure your home loan isn’t costing you money?

Should you Refinance? Do you want peace of mind?

  • An hour or so of your time might save you many thousands of dollars or more a year and dramatically cut the term of your current loan.
  • Free and without obligation we will perform a Home Loan Health Check including the legwork.
  • Let’s sit down, work out exactly what you are hoping to achieve and then see if we can find the right loan that best satisfies yours goals and improves your financial position.
  • The Mortgage Mall will analyze the costs of establishing a new loan (including application, settlement, registration and discharge fees) and then
  • Transparently explain if a refinancing will save you money and is to your advantage in the long run. Then the choice is up to you.
  • We’ll make it as stress free as we can.

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