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In almost 30 years as a finance industry professional David’s career began in mergers and acquisitions as a chartered accountant and merchant banker analysing and valuing businesses.

Interest rate Specialist

  • The common thread throughout David’s professional career has been interest rates.
  • David’s career has relied upon the continual monitoring of both Australian and international interest rates and where they may move next. It is how he made his living and few brokers could claim that.
  • Mortgage brokers cannot give financial, legal, or tax advice but if you choose David is happy to leverage his decades of knowledge and share his thoughts and current research.

While David has your back … Origin Finance has his

In an effort to source the best possible loan options for his clients David engages the services of Origin Finance. Origin’s team of advisers review David’s loan recommendations in an effort to find the most appropriate deal for his clients. That’s invaluable for both you and David.

David’s Promise to You

  • David will put you first and with access to over 30 lenders and a thousand products will listen closely and then guide you through the loan maze providing peace of mind by empowering you to make a final educated, informed decision on what is the best loan solution for you.
  • David will then sit silently in the background and contact you if he thinks there is a better option or its time to review your loan. He won’t be in your face but he will have your back.
  • In the commercial space David knows you don’t try and fit a square peg into a round hole. It’s about finding the right negotiated solution with a lender. David’s broad financial experience lends itself to unlocking the best product for complex commercial transactions.
  • When it’s not time to work there is every chance you will find David and his 3 children at your local wharf, beach, footy ground or dog park swimming fishing, surfing and playing rugby and cricket.

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David Anderson

Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
Credit Representative Number 494966

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