Commercial Finance

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  • Commercial finance offers business owners and investors a wide range of options extending far beyond traditional residential mortgage loans.
  • Commercial lending is a specialised area of business banking whose complexity generally means it’s not as simple as applying for a regular loan.
  • Loan products are often tailored to specific circumstances and for this reason it’s important to liaise with a specialist who understands how to best represent your business proposal to the right lender to achieve your goals.

There are many types and reasons for a commercial loan

Just a few include..

Of Loans

There are multiple options for small to medium size businesses to boost free cash flow and access credit.

Commercial Loans that can be for investing in, purchasing or refinancing assets for your business including commercial premises or even a business.

Property Development for both residential and commercial developments and land banks/subdivision.

Why use a Broker for Your Commercial Finance Needs?

  • In the commercial space we recognize that you don’t try and fit a square peg into a round hole.It’s about finding the right negotiated solution with a lender and our broad financial experience lends itself to unlocking the best product for complex commercial transactions.
  • The lender you use for your residential mortgage might have the best mortgage products available, but can you be sure they’ll also have the best commercial loans available too?
  • No matter how good your current bank might be, it’s always worth comparing the commercial loans available between as many lenders as possible to ensure you’re getting the best offer available to you. In the end it could be critical to your business venture’s success.
  • It’s vital to speak to a specialist broker before you apply for anything.

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